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Industry Contributions Recognized by UAA

November 4, 2021

Industry Contributions Recognized by UAA

Nov. 3, 2021Stow, Ohio — ACRT Services and our family of companies are honored to have a team of dedicated individuals who are working to better our industry. We are honored to announce the recipients of three Utility Arborist Association (UAA) awards.

Rising Star Award
ACRT Pacific Senior Operations Manager Carly Harrower was honored as the 2021 recipient of the UAA’s Rising Star Award. This recognition is given to individuals who are relatively early in their career yet have already shown leadership of the organization and the industry.

Harrower joined ACRT Pacific in 2014 and has quickly worked her way up through the ranks since. As a senior operations manager, she is responsible for numerous projects throughout California. Harrower is an ISA-Certified Arborist and sits on the steering committee for the Rights-of-Way Symposium by the UAA.

“We’re thrilled for Carly to have been named this year’s Rising Star Award recipient,” said ACRT Pacific President Brian Joiner. “I can’t think of a more deserving person to be honored with this award. It is a direct representation of her dedication to our organization and industry.”

Will Nutter Silver Shield Safety Champion Award
ACRT Services Senior Manager Bob Urban was named the recipient of the 2021 Will Nutter Silver Shield Safety Champion Award, newly renamed in honor of Will Nutter who lost his life earlier this year.

Nutter was the recipient of the inaugural Silver Shield Safety Champion Award presented by the UAA in 2016. This award is given to a person who is on the front line of safety and may have official or unofficial roles within an organization. They influence and promote a safety culture at every turn.

Urban has more than 20 years of experience in the utility services industry, is an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Utility Arborist, and is an advocate for safety throughout our organization and industry.

“This award symbolizes Bob’s commitment to safety throughout the ACRT Services family of companies and the industry as a whole,” said John Wasmer, ACRT Services’ executive vice president of revenue. “What an honor to be recognized with an accolade named for the late Will Nutter.”

PinE Award
ACRT and ACRT Pacific were honored with gold-level PinE (Partners in Excellence) Awards for UAA involvement at a company level. This award is given to organizations whose membership in the UAA and supporting activities — such as sponsorship, active committee volunteerism, and more — quantifiably demonstrate active involvement over the association’s previous fiscal year.

Organizations are given a PinE score based on these activities and are recognized at the UAA annual meeting. This year represents the fifth consecutive UAA PinE Award presented to the organization.

“We’re grateful to the UAA to be recognized with the 2021 PinE Award,” said ACRT President Kevin Puls. “Our organizations remain focused on furthering the industry and promoting the importance of our work. Membership in the UAA is a great vehicle for those efforts.”

“We are honored to be named as gold-level PinE Award recipients,” said Joiner. “We offer our arborists a free annual membership to the UAA and I’m proud of all of those who take an active part in the Association to help achieve their goals.”

“Our participation and membership in the UAA reach back decades, and it will continue to do so for years to come,” said ACRT Services Executive Vice President of Operations, Troy Ross. “I’m proud of ACRT and ACRT Pacific for all that they’ve accomplished for our industry and know they will continue to make a difference.”

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