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Expertise Beyond Reading Meters

Busy seasons can quickly stretch your organization thin. If you need help keeping your utility services running smoothly, we have the expertise. Our team will make sure all your field services projects are completed on time.

We specialize in more than just meter reading. Our employees are also available for specialty work and other projects for gas, water, and electric utilities. We provide our team with the proper training to make sure your meters are safe and functioning properly. Our industry experts can stand in to make sure jobs are completed correctly and on time.

Whether you need a lot of help or just a little, we can build a field services plan that matches your goals.

Bermex employees are able to perform the following field services on site:

  • Leak Surveys: We can monitor service lines, mains, and meter sets to ensure compliance and safety.
  • Atmospheric Corrosion Survey & Remediation: We’ll look to see if meter sets have atmospheric corrosion visible and if so our team can provide remediation onsite.
  • Inaccessible Audits: We can assist utility companies with corrosion inspections to help them remain compliant. Each year we inspect 60,000 gas meter settings inside customer homes, garages, crawl spaces, or places that are otherwise inaccessible.
  • Meter Change-Outs: We can update and/or install commercial and residential meters or retrofit your existing meters with the latest smart meter technology.
  • Meter Safety Checks: We can perform a full safety check on utility meters to identify problems and prevent future issues.
  • Maintenance and System Audits: We can audit meters to ensure they are tracking utility usage correctly.
  • Utility Asset Inspections: We can survey and monitor your utility assets to ensure safety and compliance throughout your entire service territory.
  • Lead Pipe Detection: We can test and identify lead pipes in designated service areas.
  • Non-Climbing Service Work: We can handle disconnects, reconnects, turn-on, and shut-off services on the ground level for all utilities.

Our Field Services Will Ensure Your Routes Are Safe and Effective

At Bermex, we’ve been a utility meter reading service provider for over four decades. We work with gas, electric, and water utilities to help them cut expenses, remove operational problems, and improve customer relationships. Our services are flexible. We’ll create a partnership that fits exactly what you’re looking for.

Our employees are what make the difference for our organization. We hire, train, and retain the best people and give them the development necessary for them to grow. Interested in joining us? We’re looking for professionals to add to our team! Check out our career opportunities to see the positions we have open.

Leak Detection

An Efficient Solution for Meeting Compliance Requirements At Bermex, we understand the pressures that your utility is under to not only provide reliable service for customers but also to ensure compliance with Public Service Commission (PSC) regulations, among others. Our leak detection capabilities help you meet these compliance requirements in an efficient and trackable way[...]

Atmospheric Corrosion

Identifying and Resolving Challenges with Integrity Over time, gas meters, piping, and service lines can suffer the effects of atmospheric corrosion — particularly for utilities in coastal and humid regions. This damaging effect runs far deeper than rust and can cause significant damage to utility property as well as customers’ homes and businesses and even[...]