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Atmospheric Corrosion

atmospheric corrosion survey

Identifying and Resolving Challenges with Integrity

Over time, gas meters, piping, and service lines can suffer the effects of atmospheric corrosion — particularly for utilities in coastal and humid regions. This damaging effect runs far deeper than rust and can cause significant damage to utility property as well as customers’ homes and businesses and even cause safety issues. You already understand the importance of conducting atmospheric corrosion surveys on your meter sets and service lines, but what matters most is data accuracy and partner integrity.

For more than 40 years, we’ve built our business on that most important principle: integrity. That’s why we utilize an advanced work order management system, allowing our team and yours to monitor your atmospheric corrosion survey with extreme precision and accountability to give you peace of mind, as well as reliable information to help you meet industry compliance requirements. All data about your program is seamlessly stored as it is captured by our highly trained professionals operating in the field.

How Our Atmospheric Corrosion Surveys Work

Similarly to our gas leak survey services, atmospheric corrosion surveys must be conducted on a frequent basis set by industry regulations. We’ll work with you to develop a program timeline and schedule that meets your needs. Our team will then assess every meter throughout your footprint to determine if atmospheric corrosion is present. 

If the meter set can be repaired in the field, our team will document it, apply appropriate weather- and moisture-resistant paint, and apply a meter sticker and apartment number if applicable. If the equipment cannot be repaired by our field team, you’ll be notified so it can be repaired.

Work with a Company Built on Trust

We understand that having accurate data is critical to your success. When you work with Bermex for your atmospheric corrosion survey, we’ll provide you with all the data you need to meet compliance requirements and have confidence in knowing that a proven team is working on your behalf. 

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