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Our Commitment to Safety

our commitment to safety

Safe Service is Our Top Priority

Accurate billing is dependent on having timely routes that are completed at the same time each month. Taking risks and dealing with hazards only makes routes take longer, which in turn damages customer relationships.


We understand that safety is important to you — that’s why we’re dedicated to making sure our employees are always working safely to provide you with service you can trust.

Safety is ingrained into our culture. We start every day, every job, and every meeting with a safety message so our dedication is felt throughout our entire organization. Safety takes precedence at Bermex because we’re committed to making sure our employees are able to return home at night.

Our safety programs for our employees are structured so that our entire team is prepared to handle dangerous situations. All of our employees receive advanced training to identify field hazards, prevent incidents, and create safe working conditions. We follow a safety program that is built on these eight principles: personal accountability, recurrent training, employee interaction, management responsibility, safety is a good business, injuries are preventable, ethical responsibility, and communication.

We reinforce safety in our company with monthly internal safety materials, monthly safety tailboards, a quarterly eNewsletter with a safety infographic, incentives for safe behavior, annual in-person regional safety day, a safety boot allowance program, and an open door policy to voice concerns for necessary improvements.

Safe practices help us keep costs and customer complaints down in order to provide you with better overall service.

We’re Building Services That are Flexible to Your Needs

At Bermex, we’re dedicated to building a strong partnership with our clients in order to provide them with services that benefit their company in the long run. We work with gas, electric, and water utilities to help cut costs and improve your relationships with customers.

Our experienced team is able to come in and immediately start providing a benefit to your organization without a learning curve. We put effort into developing our employees so we can retain them longer. Interested in pursuing a career with us? Take a look at our career opportunities to see if we’re hiring near you.