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Leak Detection

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An Efficient Solution for Meeting Compliance Requirements

At Bermex, we understand the pressures that your utility is under to not only provide reliable service for customers but also to ensure compliance with Public Service Commission (PSC) regulations, among others. Our leak detection capabilities help you meet these compliance requirements in an efficient and trackable way that is supported with advanced field-level technology.

How Our Leak Detection Process Works

We’ll first work with you to determine a program schedule that simplifies and streamlines the process for meeting utility leak detection requirements. This typically involves dividing the number of service lines by the number of years to complete the program. Bermex can design a process and schedule to meet your particular needs.

Once the program timeline and work plan have been established, our field technicians visit each service line address throughout your system to evaluate it for leaks. Using a Remote Methane Leak Detector (RMLD), the technician scans the service line up to the meter to determine if a leak is present. This information is logged in your system, and all data about the project is captured in our work order management software. This includes data on the technician performing the leak detection, a location geotag, a picture of the meter, and all available data — providing unparalleled visibility and integrity.

Work with Us for Leak Detection Program Success

At Bermex, we value partnership, safety, and trust. Founded on a handshake more than 40 years ago, we’ve carried that same perspective on service with us as our business has grown. As a proven partner to electric, gas, and water utilities, we can help you meet your leak detection program goals efficiently so you can maintain compliance with industry regulations and continue delivering services to the customers that rely on you.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our leak detection capabilities.