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Manual Meter Reading

manual meter reading

Trusted Service for More Than 40 Years

Many of our customers have been with us longer than other meter reading companies have been in business. As a pioneer in meter reading for utilities, we have fine-tuned our skills over the years. Bermex’s strategic objective is to create a great working experience for our employees and our customers.

We provide our clients with well-trained employees who understand what goes into completing their routes safely, accurately, and on time.

Manual meter reading requires consistency to ensure your customers are being charged the right amount. When you need additional meter readers to cover routes, strong representation is key.

We’re able to solve our own problems in order to get the job done. Our employees are prepared to deal with difficult situations. We’re dedicated to proving our worth — even if it means dealing with loose dogs or a nest of bees.

If you need to improve your routes, we can analyze and optimize routes to plan out a better path. We ensure that readings are always completed on time with a smart strategy implemented by our employees. Our employees can complete routes of any size in any area, from residential to commercial to industrial.

With manual meter reading, we respect that we’re going to have to step onto personal property and are representing your organization. Our organization emphasizes customer service as part of our values for our clients and their customers.

In addition to manually reading your meters, we can perform disconnect and reconnect services, as well as turn meters on and off. If you have materials that you need distributed to your customers we can pass them along as part of our soft service solutions.

Our Team Can Cover All Your Manual Meter Reading Routes

At Bermex, we’ve been a utility meter reading service provider for over four decades. We work with gas, electric, and water utilities to help them cut expenses, remove operational problems, and improve customer relationships. Our services are flexible, and we can create a partnership that fits exactly what you’re looking for.

Our employees are what make the difference for our organization. We hire, train, and retain the best people and give them the development necessary for them to grow. Interested in joining us? We’re looking for professionals to add to our team! Check out our career opportunities to see the positions we have open.