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Why Choose Bermex

why choose bermex

A History of Services Tailored for You

Bermex was founded on a handshake, and that symbol of trust has carried our business for more than four decades. We hold ourselves to a world-class standard of integrity, because for our business to work, we need your trust. That’s our No. 1 priority.

Here’s What Sets Us Apart

Accurate, timely readings on utility consumption are essential for consistent service to your customers. Rely on Bermex for that accuracy, error detection, and integrity.

We’re not going to force a rigid structure of services on your organization and try to make them fit. Things change, we recognize that. Our services and our staff are adaptable to an ever-changing environment. We’ll analyze the challenges you’re facing and create a solution that gets your organization where you want to be.

We’re experienced. Each year our team performs over 27,406,000 meter reads to millions of customers. When we start a new job, there is little learning curve because all of our employees go through advanced training. Many of our employees have been with us for more than a decade. We also have an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This allows our employees to have a direct hand in our organizational success.

We treat our employees well and in turn it’s directly felt by our clients. The work that we provide your organization is only half of what our organization can provide. The other side of a partnership with our team includes a strong focus on customer service. Over half of our clients have been with us for 10 and even 20 years. At the end of the day, our main goal is for our clients to be happy and satisfied with the decision to work with our team. We’ve found that the extra care we take goes a long way.

Bermex is Part of ACRT Services, Adding More Roots to Our History 

Bermex has its own rich history, but we’re also a part of ACRT Services.

At ACRT Services and all of our companies, we put safety first, always. Beyond that, our culture has been, and always will be, about one thing: people. That’s our employees, our customers, and the communities our customers serve.

Because our culture is built around people, we’ve made the growth and development of our team on of the four pillars of success. These four pillars are baked into everything that we do:


People are our greatest resource. We excel in mobilizing the best people effectively in any service area, providing exceptional service no matter where and when duty calls.


No matter the task at hand, we know how to tackle it. We’re experts in defining the parameters of success and executing on them. We do it all with safety—of our employees and our communities—driving every action we take.


We believe in long-term solutions and will help develop detailed roadmaps for continued success. We’ll assist in developing strategy for as long as you need it.


We’re the experts—and we’re proud to extend that expertise to those who seek it. We offer qualified training opportunities in areas where they are needed to help our customers reach their fullest potential, preparing them for what their work throws at them.

Bermex is Flexible to Your Organization’s Needs to Help You Find Success

At Bermex, we’re dedicated to building a strong partnership with our clients in order to provide them with services that benefit their company in the long run. We work with gas, electric, and water utilities to help cut costs and improve your relationships with customers.

Our experienced team is able to come in and immediately start providing a benefit to your organization without a learning curve. We put effort into developing our employees so we can retain them longer. Interested in pursuing a career with us? Take a look at our career opportunities to see if we’re hiring near you.