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Line Locating

utility line location

Identify Critical Systems with Precision

Locating underground utilities is critical to ensuring safe communities and uninterrupted services. Failing to identify the infrastructure that lies underground can lead to serious consequences, posing risks to public safety and the environment, as well as adding significantly to financial and legal liabilities.

Precision and accuracy are key. Our trained professionals use advanced technologies and equipment to accurately locate and mark your infrastructure. With an emphasis on training and company-sponsored certification reimbursement programs, Bermex employees are positioned to provide best practices for line locating projects.

How Our Line Locating Services Work

Whether it’s for electric, gas, water, fiber optic, telephone, or any other type of underground line, our team is here to support utility customers’ line location needs. Whenever a homeowner or contractor calls 811, the national call before you dig number, or submits a local request, a ticket is dispatched to the utility. From there, it is assigned to our team.

We’ll immediately dispatch a field worker to the customer’s location. We assess the situation to ensure safety. Using GIS mapping software, we’ll identify where underground lines are located. Then, we’ll use ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to mark the location of the lines on the customer’s property and notify you when the work is complete.

Meet Industry Expectations with Bermex

Utilities have pressures for compliance and regulations — partner with Bermex to ease those concerns. With our certified personnel who undergo rigorous ongoing training and safety protocols, to our advanced technology and IGS integration, Bermex can tailor a solution to fit all your needs.