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A Job Turned Long-Term Career: Robert Gallicchio

June 3, 2022

A Job Turned Long-Term Career: Robert Gallicchio

When Robert Gallicchio saw an ad for an open meter reader position at Bermex nearly two and a half decades ago, he thought of it as a fun job, not necessarily a long-term career.

He joined the United States Navy after graduating high school and served our country as a hospital man for eight years, which included a deployment to the Mediterranean and another to Okinawa, Japan. Following his time in the Navy, Gallicchio worked in private home health care for seven years before stumbling upon Bermex.

“After being active in the military, I thought [the open position at Bermex] might be fun. I didn’t think of it as being long-term, but it was suited well for me because I could work independently, meet the bottom line, and get tasks taken care of without having to be supervised intently,” says Gallicchio.

He accepted the job offer and started reading meters in 1997. Gallicchio stayed with Bermex for a year and a half before going to work for a computer systems company for two or three years. He rejoined the Bermex Columbus, Ohio office in April 2002 and it’s been history since.

So, what stands out to Gallicchio after two and a half decades?

The increase in electronic communication. Gallicchio says his body is thankful for the transition from walking to driving routes. Now, he drives to pick up reads and completes maintenance work on meters.
The team-based environment. Gallicchio explains that the teamwork capacity at Bermex is impressive. He describes his relationship with his peers as a “cohesive, team-building situation.”

The ability to serve his community. When he reflects on the last twenty some years, Gallicchio recalls 10-15 situations where he encountered emergencies involving customers on the worksite and was able to alert the proper authorities to handle the incidents. He also credits his military and health care backgrounds, as he describes being “conscientious in that regard.”

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