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Basil Anglin Explores His Time at Bermex

April 15, 2022

Basil Anglin Explores His Time at Bermex

When you spend nearly three decades with an organization, it can be easy to find yourself taking on unique jobs. Bermex Assistant Supervisor Basil Anglin is no exception to that.

When he’s not hitting his usual routes throughout southeast Florida Anglin assists with some of the most hard-to-read and special accounts, such as airports and vaults — areas where everyday people aren’t allowed access.
The Jamaica native came to the U.S. in the 80s and started as a meter reader with Bermex shortly after.

Hitting the streets and sidewalks

Looking back, Anglin recalls when he first joined the company, each meter reader had to use their vehicle — adding additional wear and tear — to complete their routes. It wasn’t until joining the ACRT Services family of companies that company vehicles were introduced. Something he thinks of as a “big, very good change.”
Most of his routes involve parking and walking, which leads to a few challenges, Anglin says.

Dogs. Anglin’s biggest and scariest challenge? Man’s best friend. “You must know which yards have dogs. You must know how the dog reacts and how aggressive they are – even the owners. Some will allow their dog to attack you or act like they don’t see you and send their dog out.”

Bees. It’s not uncommon to find beehives tucked away in meter boxes in the ground. Anglin notes that sometimes there are just a few, other times people aren’t so lucky and get attacked.

Birds. You have to keep your eye on birds, Anglin shares while remembering the time he was attacked by one. Think about the trees you walk under and the potential for them to become aggressive.

Enjoying every day

Despite the challenges that come along with his daily work, Basil Anglin still finds joy in his job.

In addition to working independently, the humid Florida weather is thoroughly enjoyed by Anglin. “I like the environment and that I can be outside to experience the different temperatures.”

He appreciates the variation in his job. Not every employee has the opportunity to conduct their work at the airport — a job he has to complete special training and certification for every two years.
“It’s crazy watching the planes drive by. I love keeping my eye on the aircraft,” says Anglin.

He also serves as a steward to new employees and shares some of the advice he offers up.

• Stay hydrated.
• Always be aware of your surroundings. A dog could come from anywhere and attack you. Keep an eye on everything around you.
• If you see something, say something. Don’t get too confident.
• Aim for accuracy. Missed reads incur penalties.

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