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Zero Incidents: Nothing More

March 9, 2021

Zero Incidents: Nothing More

At Bermex and its sister companies under ACRT Services, all that we do begins and ends with one thing: people. Founded on a handshake more than 40 years ago, Bermex has carried that focus forward not only in our services but also in our safety philosophy.

For Operations Manager Ray Tackett, serving as chair of the Bermex safety committee means making safety the most important focus of our employees’ daily work.

“People are what drive our success,” Tackett said. “It’s up to us as the safety committee to ensure we’re giving employees the insights and resources needed to go about their work safely — not only to protect them and others from harm but also to ensure we’re able to do what we do best for our clients.”

To Tackett, ensuring employees understand this and live out the safety recommendations and practices put forward by the committee takes the entire safety committee’s effort.

“The committee is an amazing team — each person provides a wealth of input: from our strategic planning sessions to one-on-one calls after an incident. We spend so much time focusing on getting each employee home safe and on the employee experience, which includes safety as well as recognition and rewards.”

Along with educating and engaging our employees to practice safety at all times and acknowledging their accomplishments, Tackett and the rest of the safety committee have set firm goals for themselves that make their ultimate safety philosophy clear.

“While there are metrics we put in place to meet our safety goals, our primary goal should always be zero incidents. Having a goal above zero means that we’re OK with one or more safety incidents occurring, and that should not be acceptable.”

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