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Spotlight on Safety: Three Questions with a Professional Meter Reader

March 1, 2023

Spotlight on Safety: Three Questions with a Professional Meter Reader

By Trevor Weidner, lead meter reader and area safety representative (ASR)

I set out to find a meter reader’s thoughts on some aspects of Bermex’s safety initiatives. I wanted to learn about how they conduct themselves safely in the field.

Anthony (Tony) Richards was kind enough to grant me some of his time.

Tony has been a meter reader based in Columbus, Ohio since October 2019. He began on residential foot routes and demonstrated a profound tenacity for obtaining accurate reads. He eventually came to take on a commercial route that involves a lot of driving, radio reads in underground vaults and large industrial and commercial properties. His route sees a lot of changes and is in constant flux. Because of this, his insights and experience are incredibly valuable.

Q: What is your favorite PPE?

A: I quite like the vest that I wear. It makes me stand out and confirms to customers that I am there to read the meters so there is less hassle. It has a lot of pockets so I can have free hands.

Q: What boots do you like most?

A: I really enjoy the boots I have had from Danner. I currently have a pair of Timberlands but when these are worn out I will be seeking out the Danners.

Q: What recognized hazard do you prioritize watching for in the field?

A: Well, I do a lot of driving on my route and so I am always watching for unprofessional drivers.

He described these drivers as unpredictable, not focused on the road, and lacking etiquette. He spoke about learning to recognize and avoid these drivers where possible. He went on to include that he often has to make stops on the roadside and so he exercised greater caution in picking spots to pull over.

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