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Setting His Team Up for Success: David Mills

September 8, 2023

Setting His Team Up for Success: David Mills

Bermex Operations Manager David Mills is no stranger to the gas and electric industries. For nearly two decades, Mills was employed by Atlanta Gas and Electric (AGL), followed by eight years with another company that does leak surveying and locating across the U.S. before joining Strategitech – now Bermex.

Though this career path isn’t what Mills had originally intended to pursue after earning a master’s degree in business from the University of Georgia, he shares, “I love what I have accomplished in life by working in this industry.”

When it comes to his role as an operations manager, Mills’ leadership style is all about setting his team up for success, helping them achieve their goals, and building relationships. “Working hand-in-hand with these folks excites me. I don’t make my team do anything that I wouldn’t do,” says Mills.

He reflects on the time when Tommy Combs, Ken Warner, Torrey Duhaney, and himself worked on a pilot program in Albany, Ga. Mills recalls, “We were out there climbing under houses, relighting furnaces, hanging meters, you name it.”

It’s helping his team progress through the ranks at Bermex and giving them the ability to achieve in the industry that drives Mills.

“I tell everyone I want them to work hard and go for my job. I want to help them achieve anything they can in life and if I can help them work-wise by getting them into positions that they’re willing to work hard to get there, then that’s what I’ll do,” he explains.

As a visual aid, Mills recently added a “leadership tree” on his office wall that showcases everyone from Bermex President Kenny Murphy down to the current employee of the quarter.

When he’s not focused on his team at Bermex, Mills enjoys spending time with his wife and five adult children (three girls and two boys) and playing golf. Despite not having grandchildren, Mills jokes, he does have three pugs — his babies — and says, “They’re spoiled worse than our kids.”

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