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Reinaldo Serrano Jimenez Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Reinaldo Serrano Jimenez Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Nearly 20 years ago, Reinaldo Serrano Jimenez, started with Bermex as a meter reader. As time progressed and technology improved, along came smart meters and a dying need for meter readers.

That’s when Jimenez was faced with a decision: leave the company he’d come to love or transfer to the county’s water system. If you’re reading this article, it’s easy to guess which path he chose. Five years later, he’s still with the organization and serving as a lead meter reader, a position he values.

As the lead meter reader, Jimenez is laser-focused on collecting skipped and misreads. He also still finds time to help others finish their routes and guide them along the way.

“On the electric side, we walked a lot – at least 10 miles a day. The water side is a little harder because you never know what you’ll find in the meter box, like snakes, black widows, etc. It’s a little more dangerous. It’s just part of the job,” shared Jimenez.

We spoke to Ron Cyr, meter services supervisor, and he shared the following about Jimenez, who Cyr refers to as his right-hand man.

Reinaldo is an exceptional individual. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Reinaldo can run any route and knows them like the back of his hand — I guess that comes with 20 years of experience. Guys like him are the bedrock from which this company was built and has grown so well over the years.

To be in a place for 20 years and still have that attitude and level of commitment is awesome. I’ve worked several places in my life — you don’t see that level of commitment and enthusiasm for their job as I do in Reinaldo. His enthusiasm, his work ethic, and his entire work demeanor are to be commended. He’s an awesome individual.

When Reinaldo sees issues (because he does the cleanup, sees what’s happening on the routes, and sees what readers are missing), he has no problem going up to them and saying, “Hey, when you see this, you need to do that,” to work with everybody, whether they’ve been here 10 years or 10 days. They listen to him because they know he’s not a guy with a million words – he doesn’t say a lot unless he has something to say. When he does, they know he means it. The information he supplies his team with is invaluable.

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