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John Abramoff’s 20th Anniversary with Bermex

John Abramoff’s 20th Anniversary with Bermex

John is a lead meter reader and joined Bermex in Cherokee County shortly after moving to Georgia from Los Angeles in 2003. When Billy Stone moved from lead meter reader to supervisor, John became a lead meter reader and assists Billy when he is out of the office. John’s enthusiasm, and dedication to the work and his team were evident as he shared his career of 20 years. Our veteran employees contribute significantly to keeping our customers happy so we can also celebrate our long-time contracts.

We have a good system in place but even so, we juggle a lot of things. We can sometimes have 50 to 60 leftover meters to read from the day before. I’ll do routes when we are behind, troubleshoot work orders, and finish incomplete routes. There are days when someone is out sick, has an appointment, or couldn’t finish their area before the end of the day. I have been doing this for so long, I know where the struggles are and the locations with problems that make readings difficult. Some difficulties come from the weather and meters get buried in mud or covered with leaves; some are in rural locations, subdivisions, gated communities, or industrial areas and can be hard to find. I go to the sites with my tablet and make notes the meter readers can see with their handheld meters to help them be aware of difficulties and to make notes of repairs needed. I can mark with paint or flags where the meters are. If I clean up and dig them out, it makes it easier for the readers which helps all of us to get all the meters read.

I’ve learned to work in all seasons, and I like the constant change and to keep moving. Each day is different, and I like helping people. I know the job has struggles and I can help when things fall behind, even if it means working on Saturday. I tell new employees that the work isn’t easy, but it gets better once they learn the routes. Sometimes the homeowners want to hassle you and can be aggressive. I apologize and let them know I have a job to do. You have to kill them with kindness.

I enjoy being outdoors and the freedom to map out my day. I don’t know what I’ll be doing until I get to the office. It’s like a puzzle to put together to determine the best mode of operation. There is a lot of satisfaction in the work and from years of doing this, I can help the rest of the team. We have a solid crew and good coworkers. The relationship between the county and our office is good. We take care of anything they need and get the job done for them.

John has been married for 16 years and enjoys traveling, hiking in the beautiful areas of Georgia, and going to the ocean.

John is a valuable part of our team. He does a good job daily and steps up as needed. Through the years we have become good friends and I hope he will continue to be a part of the Bermex family for many years to come — Billy Stone, meter supervisor, Bermex

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