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Gene Evans Celebrates 20 Years with Bermex

Gene Evans Celebrates 20 Years with Bermex

Gene (Carl Eugene) Evans is a meter reader based in Cherokee County, Ga. His supervisor Billy Stone (1999), John Abramoff (2003), and Gene are the most tenured employees at this office.

Gene came to Bermex later in his career through an ad in the paper. “I expected this to be temporary, but I like what I do and am good at it. I’m glad every day I am able to do the job and I’ll continue working as long as I can. The work is challenging every day. I’ve learned to slow down over the years and not rush. I see things now I didn’t see before. I had an incident — probably 10 years ago — that taught me not to just run up to a meter and stick my hands in. I was training a new guy and a meter that I was expecting to read, he instead offered to read for me. When he opened the lid there was a Copperhead snake. I am sure I would have been bitten if he hadn’t read that meter. He saved my life. Since that time, I realized I was getting complacent. Now I am prepared for what may be under the lid. I want to thank my supervisor Billy Stone, Bermex, and ACRT Services for their support. I have had several surgeries and they have worked with me during these times. Billy is the type of supervisor whose door is always open and who works the same with everyone. It has made a big difference for me in staying all these years.”

Gene has two sons and has been happily married to his wife Doris for two years. He was married by Billy Stone, who is also an ordained minister. “I waited my whole life to find someone who has shown me what marriage is all about.”

Gene has proven to be a dedicated and trustworthy employee. He doesn’t complain about any task assigned; he just gives 100% daily. Working with Gene for the past 20 years, we have become good friends, and I was blessed to perform his and Doris’ marriage. I’m glad he is a part of our team and I hope his future with Bermex will continue for a long time. — Billy Stone, supervisor, meter services

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