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Become a Representative in the Field with Bermex

January 13, 2023

Become a Representative in the Field with Bermex

By Davis Mills, project manager, Bermex

Line locating is a growing service line opportunity for Bermex, and the company provides on-the-job training. A career as an underground utility locator can be a great way to use your math and science skills practically. As an underground utility locator, you use maps and other data to find the location of underground utilities before any construction begins. This is important so that workers don’t accidentally damage or disturb these lines during their work.

Underground utility locators have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

  • Locating and marking underground utilities using locating devices such as ground penetrating radars or acoustic devices
  • Recording data about the location of underground utility lines and structures, using maps, charts, and computers
  • Communicating with contractors, engineers, and other workers involved in construction projects to ensure that underground facilities are not damaged during construction activities
  • Using a variety of tools to locate underground utilities, including shovels, probes, electrical testing using hand-held global positioning systems
  • Reporting any damage to infrastructure and machinery caused by construction crews working near underground lines and structures
  • Inspecting work sites to ensure that underground utility is not damaged during construction
  • Marking underground utility locations using flags and stakes or spray-painting lines on the pavement

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