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A Damage Prevention Career in Motion: Jimmy Zacharias

A Damage Prevention Career in Motion: Jimmy Zacharias

Jimmy Zacharias has been in the damage prevention industry for nearly a decade and started as a driver. When he joined Bermex, Zacharias left a lasting impression on the utility’s supervisor and was quickly promoted to the damage prevention supervisor role based on his knowledge and experience. He has an operator qualification (OQ) and a certification through the Northeast Gas Association (NGA).

As a supervisor, much of Zacharias’ responsibilities revolve around communication – whether it’s with his employees, contractors, or the utility. Over the years, he’s learned how to balance making himself available to his employees and defusing confrontational contractors.

Educating the public also plays an important role in Zacharias’ job. Whether it’s encouraging the public to call 811 before they dig, or respectfully explaining to contractors that Bermex is there to help, educate, and protect the utility’s facilities, rather than getting them in trouble.

It’s this variety that Zacharias enjoys most about his job. “Each day is different and is never boring. You aren’t suck in an office and are out working on job sites with contractors. Plus, I like being outdoors,” he shares.

Zacharias also notes, “If you’re looking for a job that isn’t stressful, doesn’t have a set route every day like you, and you work at your pace, this makes a great career.”

In his spare time, Zacharias races in NASCAR’s Modified Division, granting him the opportunity to race at some of the highest levels on dirt and asphalt-modified tracks. He’s a father of three boys and shares his love of off-road riding through the woods and cross country with them, sharing his two oldest have been practically raised on four-wheelers. His two-year-old is getting involved and already wants to be in a race car.  “There’s never a dull moment!”

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